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As a Self Image coach I invest in my  personal development by yearly attending high level courses  and reading powerful books (Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Matthew Walker, Neville Goddard, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Joe Navarro, etc). Expanding my knowledge on mindset and human behaviour is my passion. My personal mentor Ewa Pietrzak (Abundant Results) keeps me sharp.

I certified as a Heart Coherency Coach (Nerva), studying the bio-chemical effects of breathing on our body & brain. This scientific proven technique reduces and eliminates physical and mental stress symptoms. 

Courses I successfully ended: Thinking into Results (PGI Bob Proctor), High Performance & Success Coach (Marc Aurel Coaching & Investments Ltd), Psychological First Aid by Trauma (Portilog), Mindfulness Stress Reduction Techniques (E.Maex ZNA), Leadership Communications (Unicorn Associates).

At the age of 23, I fully recovered from a severe comatose trauma, using the power of my mind.

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My story

I was born in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1976. After a tough youth (divorce, poverty, moving houses, changing schools, domestic violence, parentification, absence of mom, no room for feelings or communication at home, severe education, running away at 18), I got into severe trouble.

Because of bad choices as a young adult, I turned my life into a real nightmare. I fell in love with the wrong man on the other side of the world and got stuck in a dangerous web of drugs mafia. I survived an overdose-coma and was sentenced to jail the moment I woke up. What represented hell on earth, was my gateway to heaven to escape it all. I published my story in a book (2003 Lannoo).

In January 2004 I started working for a renomated company in Belgium. During 15 years I worked my way up on the corporate ladder. I discovered my true passion: it was not just about increasing the profits of the company, but more about the people who worked there. I put the wellbeing of my teams first. The greatest achievement always was to have someone believe in their own capacities, to get the best results!

In October 2019 I decided to make my life more meaningful by coaching women and men online (all around the world), sharing my personal and professional experiences. Proud of who I am today (mom-entrepreneur of 2 amazing children), I believe each one of us has infinite potential to heal and create our own reality.

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