How to reduce stress? (12 tips)

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Sleep minimum for 8 hrs. Your body needs it to run your bio-chemical systems and to process all the impulses it received during the day. Create an evening routine. If you do this daily, your body doesn’t even need an alarm. It will wake up by itself and you will be feeling great. People who don’t sleep enough will suffer from physical and mental diseases (scientifically proven).


Eat and drink properly. A healthy appetite helps to feel balanced. Drink enough water like in 1L per 30 kgs of body weight. Cut off industrial prepared foods (food with added sugars). Eat a small portion every 2 – 3 hours. Include nuts, yoghurt, veggies, fruits, etc.  Every now and then a treat is perfectly ok. As long as you don’t exaggerate. Avoid the addictive nutrients.


Go outside into nature. Even if you don’t feel like it, do it. This is extremely stress relieving.

Camp fire & candles.

Our brain connects a campfire with a safe place to be. Look back in history: cave men used to make fire to sleep and to feel safe when wild animals wanted to attack. They felt protected. Light candles in your living room, your work space or next to your bath: it will relief stress and help you to relax.


Cuddling with your partner. With your kids. With your pet. It reduces stress a lot and will make you feel love(d).


Go to the gym, exercise in your bathroom before you shower or sport outside (a good walk or short run will make you feel like a different person). This prevents a burn-out. Get into a doing-state instead of a thinking state.


Listening to music. Some people release stress with high beats, others with soft pop (just make sure you don’t listen to lyrics that make you cry of course). Meditation music is also really helpful to reduce tensions.


Watch a hilarious Youtube video or a funny film. Humor kills stress.


Let go of needing that certain outcome. Do your thing without expectation. Learn to push that ‘I don’t give a sh*it’ button, cause you’re doing it in a positive way.


Don’t live in denial. If something went wrong or you did something stupid: accept it and take responsibility. If it’s something outside of your control (like a disease or a suicide for example) you decide on how you deal with your emotions. Don’t let emotions take control over you. 


When you feel like you’re out of control, you feel stressed. Use techniques to get your control back. Use the Find & Answer technique. Make an action plan. Set target dates and do Priority Management. Execute the ‘Problem Solving formula’. In short: when you create a good plan your stress levels go down. If you don’t know how to do this, get help from your coach.


Think of people that are in a worse situation than you. There are people on this planet that must endure much more pain than you. People that die because of hunger. People that are physically abused. People that suffer mentally. Put things in perspective. You’re pretty good, aren’t you?

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