Impossible love

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Nobody loves me

You feel lonely and believe you’ll never find a loving partner. Maybe you think that if you had someone who loved you, your life would definitely be better.

When you meet up with friends you’re very enthousiastic and you joke around, but deep down inside you feel sad. You wonder why you just can’t find that perfect one and all of your friends are in a happy relationship!

You go in and out of relationships because you often fall in love with the first person that shows interest. And they never last too long…

Perhaps you believe you’re unlovable because you haven’t got that perfect body. You let that number on the bathroom scale determine your value as a human being. You might even think ‘Ow boy… who on Earth would like to be with someone my size?!’ 

Do you recognize yourself in this?

Bye bye doubts!

If you feel unlovable in any way, you need to work on your self-image. Chances are big you’ve never been told how amazing and beautiful you are when you were a kid.

You don’t have to feel this way! Create a new image of yourself and become emotionally envolved with that image. You have the freedom to think and feel any way you want about yourself. Don’t let others decide how much you’re worth. Stand up for yourself. Learn to love and respect yourself. The way you see yourself, is how other people see you too.

When you love and treat yourself well, the more others will feel attracted to you.

I don’t need the world’s approval

Approval, guidance, appreciation, acknowledgement from your parents, friends, clients, employer, co-workers feel nice. But when you look outside yourself for validation all the time, you become unattractive. People will even disrespect you.

Work on your self-confidence! Start believing in your own capacities. You can do it 100%! You are smart. You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are blessed. You are powerful. 

Take that seat behind the steering wheel of your life. Learn to drive your own car. Stop being a passenger. Choose a beautiful destination (your goals) and enjoy life (your attitude). Dress, walk, talk, think and feel as if you already are that super attractive person. 

If you love and respect yourself unconditionally, you will bump into that person that will love and respect you too.


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I want a calm mind and no stress.
I want more self-confidence.
I want a loving relationship.