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The Powerful Personality Program

Based on my trainings with successful leaders and my professional and private experiences, I have created an 8 steps-method for women and men that want to improve their life quality. Are you this action taker? Do you want to speed up change, instead of figuring it all out by yourself, wasting time and energy? Do you love clarity and fast results? Then ‘The Powerful Personality Program’ is meant for you! During 4 months, you learn to: Build a powerful self-image. Manage your thoughts and emotions. Wipe out doubts and fears. Improve your focus and achieve desired goals. Increase self-discipline. Fall in love with yourself. Attract loving, respectful relationships.  Be aligned with the universal Laws. You read the Modules at your own pace (max. 2 weeks per Module). You attend my weekly zoomcall to get answers on your daily happenings (related to the Module you're reading + applying). I support you all


Extra Worktools

Do you need help with getting over hurt or hate feelings? Do you want to stop worries, running like a train through your head? Do your emotions overwhelm you and make you act like crazy? Do you think that having a dream life/ dream partner isn’t possible for you? Are you tired of feeling down and demotivated? Are you aimless and confused about what you really want in life? I created 3 powerful instruction sheets to give you clarity and get you started.  They include a 1 hour 1:1 session with me worth a € 175,- to coach and advise you personally! The sheets give you a clear view on how to:   Forgive someone (free yourself from the past).   Manage your thoughts & emotions (no more overreacting). Set an exciting goal (that is motivating and fulfilling). Nothing will improve unless you take action, now. These work tools help


Powerful Affirmations

You are feeling happy and balanced. But every now and then, you doubt yourself… You could use that reassurance that your inner power is stronger than any obstacle!  Something easy-peasy, not a study book or a coaching program. Something to read off the toilet door. Or in your bed.  For you, I have bundled the 60 most powerful affirmations. It all starts in your head. Read my affirmations daily (as part of your evening or morning routine) and feel energized by them! Your self-confidence will grow and your believes will move mountains. Connect the affirmations with a true feeling of happiness and excitement, and you will manifest them a the right divine time. Inner power affirmations Money believes


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