What if… I’m having a bad day??

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Swap your off-day for… some happiness tricks!

When you make a mistake, or you’re feeling down, there’s no use in beating yourself up. Instead you can learn from what didn’t go so well and improve yourself. 

How can you work towards that balance of a powerful mindset and strong attitudes? Don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique. Live in the moment! You can also be happy living day by day, taking little steps towards your goals. That’s were the happiness of life is hidden! Be grateful and always seek the good in every experience  (also the difficult ones: ‘what can I learn from this? What has it reveiled to me?’). 

If you’re doing something that really makes you unhappy, change it. There is no point in repeating things that don’t contribute to your own happiness. 

<Even when I’m scared?> (I hear you. I’ve been there too)

My answer is ‘Yes’. When you do things that frighten you, it will draw the best out of yourself. You’ll get an adrenaline rush that makes you go the extra mile or that pushes you to extend your efforts. Breaking through your fear-barrier always comes with personal growth. And that’s exactly what you need to improve your skills, and master your mindset and attitudes.

What does ‘happiness’ mean and how can I get it?

Everyone has a different way of experiencing happiness. 

It’s a feeling. You can’t touch it. You can’t hold it in your hands. 

And still, it is one of the most precious things in our lives! You feel a lot better as a person when you’re happy. You think and act differently because of it. And when you feel happy, things happen in an easy way. But how come it’s so hard sometimes, to simply FEEL HAPPY when everything seems to go rough and strained?

The ingredients for happy days.

  • Increase your self-confidence (stop your limiting believes and fears).
  • Know your core values (and walk your talk).
  • Nourish your biological system with healthy nutrition (also water).
  • Take care of your body (sleep well. Breathe rhythmically)
  • Create powerful attitudes (replace bad habits with good ones).
  • Surround yourself with the right people (and cut off wrong persons).
  • Become a master in what you do (personal growth).
  • Manage your thinking (stop doubts and worries).
  • Acknowledge and manage your feelings (forgive yourself and others).
  • Tackle stress and anxiety situations.
  • Align yourself with the Laws of our universe (no, you cannot escape them).

The secret recipe: your mindset and your attitude.

Having all the ingredients and equipment available in your kitchen, doesn’t guarantee you’ll cook a delicious meal… The art of being a great cook depends on how well you master your craftmanship and the impeccable balance of the ingredients. 

In other words: your mindset and attitude are the only things that will create long term happiness in  your life.  And isn’t that what you’re looking for? 

Working harder won’t get you happiness. You might have more money, but you’ll end up exhausted, stressed and without time to enjoy life.  Ouch!

Proving yourself to others won’t bring you happiness either. That’s an ego thing and doesn’t come with self-confidence and  inner balance. You’ll end up feeling anxious and one day disappointed when someone doesn’t appreciate your efforts. Connect with your heart, not your head.

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